The State of Jewish Philanthropy with Andrés Spokoiny

President and CEO of Jewish Funders Network, Andrés Spokoiny will discuss the current trends and strategies in the philanthropic world affecting Jewish and Israeli organizations in the U.S. and abroad.

In time of great changes for the Jewish Communities and the world, Jewish philanthropy is also undergoing major transformations.

How is the environment created by the COVID-19 crisis creating change and evolution in philanthropic practices? How are the young generations relating to Jewish philanthropy? What are the new ways of doing philanthropy that technology and networking allow? How is giving to Israel changing?

Where are resources going? Are they going where they are most needed? What motivates people to give in the 21st century? What are the new ways in which philanthropy works with business and for profit ventures?

Whether you are donor, a communal leader or a philanthropic practitioner, this event will expose you to the trends impacting Jewish philanthropy and the Jewish world as a whole.

Futures, Community


Andres Spokoiny

Jewish Funders Network

President & CEO