The Future of Campus Antisemitism: Are the Kids Alright?

Jewish student leaders at York and the University of Toronto Hilly Adler and Sofia Freudenstein explore their experiences with campus antisemitism. By exploring their respective involvement in the Kosher Forward Campaign and the YFS opposition election, Hilly and Sofia will highlight the changing nature of discourse surrounding Jewish students in Toronto universities. Through combating common misconceptions about the contemporary nature of Jewish campus life, Sofia and Hilly will illustrate alternative methods of campus activism. By expressing the most productive ways that the Jewish community in Toronto can respond to future campus crises, Sofia and Hilly will examine the effect of sensationalism surrounding campus antisemitism on the students themselves. Their presentation will explore different methods of discourse through the lens of equity and Torah, showing that there is indeed potential for the kids to be alright.

Futures, Community


Sofia Freudenstein



Hilly Adler

Bridging the Gap