Meeting with the Biblical Angels 
 Who are the angels and what is their role in Jewish life? A unique and open-minded workshop, a discussion followed by a meditative experience

Every day in our prayers we mention the four angels: Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Rafael.

Who are they? What is their part in the Bible and in modern times? In the direct relationship between God and believers, are the angels creating a distance or do they serve as a necessary mediator? And why today, more than ever before, for modern westerners like us, and under the COVID 19 influence we’re called again to bring the angels into our lives. 

Open your heart, free your mind, leave your doubts aside, and enter an auspicious zone where any believer can communicate with the angels. There is a good chance that due to this workshop, whenever you mention the four angels in your daily prayers the words will be filled with meaning, a sense of peace, strength, healing, and inner guidance that will guide your way



Tami Yaari