Golden Age Travel - Freshman Spring: A Live Zoom-performed Teleplay

The premise of this Zoom teleplay: What if Yehuda HaLevi, born 1075, Hebrew poet of Golden Age Islamic Spain, was participating in real time, in 2020 Zoom calls, with former members of a college rock band that played together at Brandeis University?  Yehuda HaLevi, invited by 21st century Toronto Jew, Izzy Zimmerman, finds himself trapped by Coronavirus in Izzy’s bubble. Forty years ago, Izzy was one of four members of a college rock band. After graduation, each went their separate way. But during the 2020 Corona lockdown, there blossoms an intense Zoom reunion among the former band-mates, with HaLevi a participant. In those Zooms, they are inspired - by HaLevi’s time travel insights into his own “Golden Age” and his poetic vision.  With memories and imagination interweaving, the band reunites, and "travels back in time" to their personal Golden Age: Freshman Spring, Brandeis University, 1976.  Perhaps their reunion tour is a chance to “try it again for the first time” and acquire grandparent-age insight into their youthful life and loves.

Arts Literature & Media, History


Benjamin Rubin


Poet, playwright