Discover the National Library of Israel - It's Your Library Too

The National Library of Israel (NLI) is the national institution charged with preserving the cultural and intellectual heritage of Israel and the Jewish people and endowing them to future generations. Home to globally significant collections, exquisite manuscripts, maps, archives and other cultural riches which tell the historic, cultural and intellectual story of the Jewish people and of Israel and its region through the ages, the Library is currently in the midst of an historic renewal, transforming itself into a cutting-edge global institution - a library without borders – at the forefront of open access, cultural creativity and empowerment through knowledge.

Join DJ as he tells the story of the Library, see some of its most exquisite and rare pieces, get an inside view of the Library’s beautiful, iconic new building due to open in 2022 in the heart of Jerusalem, and learn about the Library’s innovative digital, cultural and educational initiatives and international partnerships – including with the Toronto community - all of which are fast turning the NLI into the most significant cultural institution, not only in Israel, but in the Jewish world as a whole.



DJ Schneeweiss

National Library of Israel