Conducting Global Digital Diplomacy and Expanding Middle Eastern and Jewish World Views from Home During a Pandemic

Diplomats, including ambassadors, usually function in a world of corridor chats, conferences, meals and embassy cocktail parties. Through lively story-telling, which captures that dynamic, SEPHARDIC HERITAGE INTERNATIONAL (SHIN) DC director Franz Afraim Katzir will talk about SHIN-DC’s mission of cultural diplomacy and how the organization is successfully engaging in digital diplomacy during the Covid-19 pandemic. SHIN-DC is explicitly dedicated to building awareness of the heritage of Sephardic Jews and other under-represented Jewish communities through its engagement of the diplomatic community, government and a diversity of religious and ethnic communities. Katzir’s presentation will also highlight how SHIN’s engagements promote understanding and healing through a broader view of both the Middle Eastern and Jewish mosaics.

Identity, Community


Franz Afraim Katzir

Sephardic Heritage International (SHIN) - DC

Founding Director