Comfortably Uncomfortable - A Conversation with Rivka

The ongoing events in the United States and Canada throughout this year have shone a strong light on anti-black racism. It is now, more than ever, that we need to reflect on where we stand as a community on this important issue. The Jewish people come in a variety of hues, and in a world that is already so set against us as a nation, we must reflect within our own community, to make sure that we are not excluding any of our own Jewish Siblings.

The root of antisemitism and black racism is the same – it is white supremacy.

How do we, as a community, stand against the rising tide of white supremacy? How do we have those difficult conversations around race? Where does your white privilege end, and the Jewish antisemitism begin? These are important questions.

As many white appearing Jewish people can attest, there are many times when white privilege works in their favour. They rarely get pulled over; they stand a fair chance at acquiring jobs. And yet … when their Jewishness is determined, it is the white appearing person who is targeted with antisemitism, and it is assumed that the Jew of Colour standing next to them, is not Jewish enough to warrant the same antisemitic treatment. We are fighting two sides of the same battle against white supremacy – and it is important that we rise up against it together, as one Jewish People, the way we have conquered all past adversaries.



Rivka Campbell

Jews of Colour - Canada