Israel - Navigating Multiple Landscapes

Zohar Raviv


Jewish Single Seeking Soulmate

Zale Newman


Meeting with the Biblical Angels 
 Who are the angels and what is their role in Jewish life? A unique and open-minded workshop, a discussion followed by a meditative experience

Tami Yaari


The Nuremberg Trials: How have they changed everything?

Sylvia Solomon


Showing Cavodכבוד) 18) during COVID19 – Living honourable lives in precarious time - What we can learn from Sefer Breishit

Shalom Schachter

Text Study, Covid Commentary

Integrated Judaism and a Remixed Approach to Tikkun Olam

Roberta Kwall

Community, Futures

Comfortably Uncomfortable - A Conversation with Rivka

Rivka Campbell


My Teacher, Nehama (Leibowitz)

Peta Pellach


Sarah Schenirer and the Founding of Bais Yaakov

Naomi Seidman

Personalities, History

Enlisted Archaeology

Naama Baumgarten-Sharon


What Was He Thinking: The Diaries of Mordecai M. Kaplan

Mitchell Rothman


Widening Our Tent: Intermarriage and Jewish Community

Micah Streiffer

Community, History

Literature or Propaganda? How Children's Authors Write about the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Marjorie Gann

Arts Literature & Media

Show Me Your Face - Spiritual Care in a Brooklyn Hospital During the First Surge

Kara Tav

Covid Commentary

Shang-Chai: Reflections on My Time in Asia's Jewish Community

Julia Ullman


Hiking from Sea to Sea: A Virtual Israel Experience

Josh Hartuv


Towards a More Liberal Religious Epistemology: Science, Reason and Miracles

Jesse Shore


Nehemiah: Our First Politician : A Man for OUR Season

Jerry Friedman

Personalities, Text Study

L'dor V'dor (from generation to generation)

Jerry Scherer


In the trenches fighting anti-Semitism: City Hall behind closed doors

James Pasternak


Torah, Lashon Hara (Gossip) and the Internet

Irwin Huberman

Arts Literature & Media, Text Study

The Future of Campus Antisemitism: Are the Kids Alright?

Sofia Freudenstein

Futures, Community

The Who What Where When of Hatzoloh Toronto

Heshi Kuhnreich


Opera in Israel

Guy Mannheim

Arts Literature & Media, Israel

Conducting Global Digital Diplomacy and Expanding Middle Eastern and Jewish World Views from Home During a Pandemic

Franz Afraim Katzir

Identity, Community

The Unnamed Women in Tannach: 'The Daughters Of'

Eryn London

Text Study

Talmud From the Balcony: Rabbinic Perspectives on Perennial Human Questions

Elana Stein Hain

Ideas, Text Study

Discover the National Library of Israel - It's Your Library Too

DJ Schneeweiss


Introduction to Post-Pandemic Theology

David Zvi Kalman

Covid Commentary, Ideas

Collecting the Dream

David Matlow


Animating Change: Innovating Toward a Brighter Jewish Future

David Singer


Achdut and Jewish Media: Striving to Represent the Unrepresented

Dave Gordon

Arts Literature & Media

Trumpism and text and the rule of Law

Dahlia Lithwick


How Halacha Changes: The COVID Cases

Chaim Saiman

Covid Commentary, Text Study

Journeying Through Myth, Midrash & Mystery; A Poetry Reading with Carol Rose

Carol Rose

Arts Literature & Media

Golden Age Travel - Freshman Spring: A Live Zoom-performed Teleplay

Benjamin Rubin

Arts Literature & Media, History

“BAYAMIM HAHEM BAZ’MAN HAZEH” The Glorious History of Hazzanut and its Art

Beny Maissner

Arts Literature & Media

Jewish Baseball - More than Koufax and Greenberg

Bob Cooper


We're Jewish, It's funny: A Musical Performance

Batsheva Capek

Arts Literature & Media

Sacrifice, Cravings, and Bloodshed: Does Torah Allow City-Dwellers to Eat Animals?

Aryeh Bernstein

Text Study, Ideas

More than Menorahs: A Conversation with Authors of Jewish Children’s Literature

Tziporah Cohen

Arts Literature & Media

The State of Jewish Philanthropy with Andrés Spokoiny

Andres Spokoiny

Futures, Community

Hindsight is 2020: Modernizing Holocaust Education for 2020 and Beyond

Alexandria Silver

Futures, History

Jewish Roller Derby: A Game Without Borders

Allison Vanek